November 03, 2008

At the Office

Oh well,, I dedicated this post to one of my dearest friend Monsun who has just started working recently. Confused of what to wear cause you only have your basic suit and they're boring? Share her problem?
Hopefully this will guide you through the weeks of corporate life, until you have enough money to buy new fancy suits ;)

Office Hours by Listya "BonJep"

What are the basic items you must have:
  1. White decent blouse, with long and or short sleeves. Long sleeves is a must, short sleeves is optional.
  2. Pants, black is preferable since its universally match with other color. Grey or brown is second option.
  3. Jacket or blazer, plain black to be safe. Beware of loud details and patterns, it could be disastrous. Vest is additional suit, it'll add a combination if you like.
  4. Skirt. Black or grey or brown for basic.
  5. Accecories is a must have. You can't be blamed for having corsage, scarfs, necklaces, and belts. They might save the day. Oh and if want to be taken more seriously, add watches and glasses.
  6. Wearable shoes.
  7. Professional bags. Black, leather, for glamorous look. But of course the glamorous part is non essential.
  • I say, choose basic colors. The one you can mix and match with other items easily.
  • Patterns should be adjusted to your body type. For beginner, pick dark and plain fabric.
  • And to complement the simple pattern, details made the differences. It's easy, great details came from simple elements such as buttons, neckline, fabrics, etc.
Ok, here are the combination of what to wear in your daily corporate life:
Office Day 1

Office Day 1 by Listya "BonJep"

  • I hate Monday, it's usually manic traffic. You have to rush things up, be simple and chic. And stay professional. That's what this look all about.
  • Since you'll be wearing a blazer then you don't need to wear long sleeves shirt.

Office Day 2

Office Day 2 by Listya "BonJep"

  • I made three combination, you can be simple or pulling it altogether.
  • You want to stay simple but not boring. Look at the details, they accentuate the looks.
  • The black top is simple but imagine how the fabric would shape your body, does it fit? Well, it should. And the gleams of it, makes it look unusual. The puffy balloon sleeves combined with the wrap up style, and you can tie a bow to accessorize your look without too much eclectics. No additional accessories needed.
  • The white long sleeved blouse, if you wear it just like that, it'll be dead boring. So I dress it up with obi style belt with bow tie accent. Simple isn't it?
  • Or you can wear the white blouse plus the black top as jacket. And you can just remove the belt, it won't be that necessary.
Office Day 3

Office Day 3 by Listya "BonJep"

  • Short sleeve white blouse, wrap it with a thin bow tie around the waist or just simple wear a medium sized belt over the abs. You can wear it tight or loose, let it drop to the waist. Just make you sure it looks neat and clean.
  • Got a high waist skirt? Good. You can wear your shirt under it and accentuate your look with a scarf. Like the one I put on the far right picture.
  • Alternatively, wear a blazer. You can wear tank top or camisole underneath it. Just don't show too much cleavage. If the neckline is too low, wear corsage to cover it.
  • If you're a tomboy or just not comfortable wearing skirts, you can wear other pants.

Office Day 4

Office Day 4 by Listya "BonJep"

  • Again with obi style belt, or simply belt. You can wear it on you short sleeve white shirt and black skirt, just to amplify your look.
  • If you're the trendy type, you might want to wear vest and remove the belt from the combination.
  • Or just simple wear the black top, as a simple top or as a jacket to complement your look.
  • Yes, this time wear a skirt. If you wear another pants, it'll look like you haven't change your outfit cause I'm mixing in already for your earlier days :)

Office Day 5

Office Day 5 by Listya "BonJep"

  • Had enough with two to three piece? It's about weekend, party time! The simple wrap dress just can never go wrong. Simple, sassy, elegant. Pair it with a blazer, stockings, stilettos, and voila you're a showstopper.
  • Wrap dress can be worn on any day of the week. The look is forever.
  • So, if you're the kind that cares of how you look but you just can't be bothered wasting your time thinking about it -just like me, a wrap dress is the answer! I can wear it everyday of my life.

Weekend at the Office?

Weekend @ the Office by Listya "BonJep"

  • Yeah it sucks,, so don't add the problem worrying of what to wear.
  • Just be simple, don't get too complicated. Three piece of fancy shirt, black pants, and a blazer. You can wear flat shoes, it's weekend anyway.
  • Why I put flats only on weekends? Cause it represents casual style and you don't want to look casual around business hours.
  • After work, you can remove your blazer. It was functioned to cover your casual trendy shirt. Basically it's an on and off style, you get the idea.

Gosh, it took me a while doing this! Enjoy!

October 31, 2008

Find the Differences!

Ok, they're the famous twins.
It's Mary Kate on the left, Ashley on the right.
How to tell them apart? Read the lips, that's how.
But I'm not going to talk about their physical attributes here.
Look at the picture, find anything wrong?
MK wears her skinny jeans and slouchy shirt with stiletto.
Ashley wears her skinny jeans and tight top with wedge heels.
So what's wrong with that?
No no.. not MK's over sized shirt, it's optional.
But what's essential here is that Ashley wear them skinny legs with that wedge, it's a major mistake!
She would look totally fabulous if only she followed her sister's choice. Shame Ashley, score for MK. But I love 'em still anyway.

Lessons to be learned:
  • Fashion icons are just human afterall, they do mistakes.
  • Never wear skinny jeans, or narrow tight straight pants, with wedge. Especially when your legs are as skinny as hers. They are just no good together.
Be Inspired ;)

Heartbreak Hotel

Got your heart broken?
Don't worry..You can walk away from the pain with this pair.
Kiss the man bye bye, I'm sayin' Rock a Bye Baby!

Joie Heartbreak Hotel Wedge

This one item is on my wish list!

October 30, 2008

Wedges, a Go or a No?

Who should wear it?
  • Wedges work for me, since I'm a petite I need to look taller. It adds height plus the comfort as it is easier to walk with than stilettos.
  • And for you heavy ankles, wedges lift up the shanks and add definition to the shape making it appear thinner.
Who shouldn't?
  • Tiny ankles. It'll make you look thinner, even more fragile.

More about it:
  • Match your outfit, whatever length it has. Skirts or pants, long or short.
  • Try to avoid pants with straight or narrow legs, pencil skirts, and capris.
  • Where high heels are ordinary, wedges aren't that common. And so, wearing a wedge is a fashion statement.

Hope this helps ;)


Wedge Heel
Why is it called a wedge heel? Because its heel runs under the foot and not only under the heel of the foot. Wedges' heels have various range of height, from low to high.

Betsey Johnson Women's Lien

Since I'm a shoe fetish.
I say,, a pair of wedge heel is a must have!
Well obviously I own more than just a pair.
You probably heard what I'm about to say before but I'm going to say it again..
Too much is never enough..